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Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience partnering with manufacturing and other business clients.  Rapidly rising energy costs, combined with new regulatory compliance, mean that having a comprehensive understanding of how you use energy is increasingly a business necessity.

Using engineering principles for energy management, we have helped thousands of businesses improve their energy efficiency, implement a low carbon strategy, reduce their carbon footprint and, most importantly, save money. We conduct in-depth on-site energy efficiency assessments, and combine that information with detailed analysis of your energy data, and create opportunites to reduce your consumption.

Let our expertise in energy engineering work for your business. We will ensure that you have effective energy management solutions in place, that you have an individual Low Carbon Strategy throughout your organisation, and that you are not wasting energy anywhere in your business.

Don't just take our word for it:

"I am happy to recommend Pro Enviro to other busineses wishing to develop a low carbon strategy and reduce their own energy costs." Keith Hardie, Special Projects Director, Gailbreaker Agri.

"The whole experience of dealing with Pro Enviro has been extremely informative and helpful. As a company to deal with they are both efficient and at the same time friendly, and a pleasure to do business with." S C Shoebotham, MD, The Patent Ferrule Company Ltd.


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What we offer

Energy Efficiency Reviews

Combining detailed analysis of your current energy consumption with the findings from our in-depth on-site review, we will identify any areas of waste and make recommendations for carbon and cost savings.

Energy Management

We transform your energy consumption data into highly visual, meaningful reports to help you understand exactly how you consume energy, to ensure that you are managing it effectively and can identify and eliminate energy waste.

Design and Installation

We design and install complete energy efficiency systems - including heating, lighting, fans, roller-shutter doors, boilers and renewable technologies such as solar panels.

Grant Funding

We will identify and negotiate on your behalf for funding that may be available, to support the implementation of energy efficiency projects and improvement plans.

Renewable Technologies

Renewable technologies, and energy storage, will reduce your electricity costs and help with long-term energy availability. We can help identify the best solution for your business.

Company Statistics

Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience partnering with manufacturing and other business clients.

  • November 2018
  • 7
  • 1994
  • £1,000,000

Like every business, we have been concerned about the rapid rise of energy costs and our energy efficiency. Thanks to the support of Pro Enviro, who helped us identify several areas for improvement and access the most appropriate funding for all of our requirements, we have been able to implement a low carbon strategy and effectively address the potential for cost savings and carbon reduction – all of which we are taking action on. This will reduce our considerable annual energy costs (£317,000) by £62,000 and 267 tonnes of CO2e. With the help of Pro Enviro, we will continue to manage, understand and improve our use of energy throughout Elite Plastics facilities and processes.

- Dave Gummerson Managing Director, Elite Plastics -

“Thanks to the Pro Enviro team carrying out a Business Energy Efficiency Assessment, we identified several ways we could further improve our energy efficiency. Pro Enviro’s findings identified that, by making their recommended changes, we could achieve annual financial savings of up to £18,872 and 62.81 tonnes of CO2e. They then helped us prioritise the required changes, identify and access the best available funding opportunities, and supported our grant application processes. As a result, and with the minimum of disruption, we have improved our working environment considerably and reduced our energy bills. Pro Enviro will continue to support us with meeting our energy efficiency targets and the implementation of our low carbon strategy, and I am happy to recommend them to other businesses wishing to develop a low carbon strategy and reduce their own energy costs.”

- Keith Hardie Special Projects Director, Galebreaker Agri -

Pro Enviro have recently undertaken several projects on our behalf concerning energy conservation. 1) Firstly to advise and then coordinate the obtaining of a grant for the installation of LED Lighting in our 18,000 sq. ft. production area. Secondly to advise and as above help getting a grant for the installation of a new Air Compressor. Thirdly again to advise and help obtaining a grant towards recovery from H.M.R.C. a portion of Climate change levy paid on our energy bills. Finally to advise and supply a new Electricity Capacitor to reduce our KVA demand. 2) All of the above have been introduced to help us conserve energy and thereby reduce our costs. 3) Without help from Pro Enviro we would not have had the knowledge or the expertise to be able to carry out these projects. 4) The savings so far have been well in line with expectations but probably the catalyst which got us going was the BEEP grants which we got towards the capital expenditure. The whole experience of dealing with Pro Enviro has been extremely informative and helpful. As a company to deal with they are both efficient and at the same time friendly and a pleasure to do business with.

- S. C. Shoebotham Managing Director, The Patent Ferrule Company Limited -

“In September 2017 we were contacted by Pro Enviro, as the Approved Supplier for Herefordshire & Worcestershire County Councils Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), who offered us a free Business Energy Efficiency Review. As a direct result of the free (and comprehensive) Energy Efficiency Review it was identified that James and Williams could achieve annual financial savings of up to £10,892 and 33.9 tonnes of CO2e by implementing the report's recommendations. There was a significant opportunity to save costs by replacing the four existing PECO injection moulding machines with a single more efficient machine. Nersi, from Pro Enviro, and Zoe, from WCC, helped make this happen along with sourcing a substantial BEEP grant to support us financially with our new purchase. The whole process was effortless, as they guided us through every stage. Between them they made the application and implementation quick and easy, and both Nersi and Zoe were a pleasure to deal with, offering their time, expertise and patience as we moved this project forward. We would not hesitate to use Pro Enviro in the future and would highly recommend their services to other businesses.”

- Ray Williams and Gill Horton Directors, James & Williams -

Pro Enviro has recently helped us with a number of energy reduction and cost saving projects. They began with a detailed on-site review of our manufacturing facilities in Redditch, and combined it with some clever analysis of our last twelve months energy bills, looking at our consumption, trends and costs. The overall findings of the review identified our biggest and most immediate challenges to improve our current heating system, to reduce wasted heat and to become more energy efficient. They also identified major opportunities by improving our lighting system throughout our offices and production areas. The work was carried out with no disruption to our staff or day to day productivity. They informed me that our lighting project was eligible for a significant Carbon Trust Grant funding and then supported us with the grant application process until we received the funds. The cost savings to us have been considerable. The Pro Enviro team have been easy to work with, and are competent, approachable and knowledgeable. They are clearly experts in their field, and we are very satisfied with how they used their expertise to design, cost and implement these energy efficiency solutions which will significantly reduce our annual energy bills. We continue to work with Pro Enviro on other energy saving projects, and I have no hesitation recommending them to other businesses.

- Pawel Czapiewski Head of Purchasing, Newtown Packaging LTD -

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